Selling Your Property

What can you expect from us ?

  1. Professional property assessment followed by market-aligned pricing.
  2. Compilation of the complete sales dossier.
  3. Acquisition of necessary administrative documents and certificates (EPC, etc.).
  4. Professional photo report, detailed measurements, and description of your real estate.
  5. Advertising campaigns through our website, client database, and customized media mix complemented by efficient initiatives. Discreet sales are possible, respecting your choice.
  6. Organization of guided viewings.
  7. Follow-up with potential buyers, comprehensive reporting, and evaluations.
  8. Negotiations where we defend your interests.
  9. Drafting the agreement in consultation with the chosen notary/notaries.

We urgently seek lands, houses, and apartments in the region of Kortenberg, Sterrebeek, Kampenhout, Steenokkerzeel, and Herent (within the Leuven-Brussels-Mechelen triangle).

Worry-Free Rentals

Our approach includes:

  1. Realistic pricing in consultation with you.
  2. Attractive photo report and precise measurements.
  3. Publication on our website (, client database, and various media platforms.
  4. Site visits and follow-ups.
  5. Professional screening of candidates.
  6. Evaluation in consultation with the landlord.
  7. Drafting the lease agreement.
  8. Property inventory and recording of utility meter readings.
  9. Registration of the lease agreement (and property inventory).

We urgently seek apartments for rent in the Kortenberg region.

Property Management

Inquire about our various management packages for your property.

  1. Introduction to tenants and respective lease agreements.
  2. Follow-up and remittance of rental payments.
  3. All communication with your tenant(s).
  4. Annual review of insurance, maintenance, and indexation.

We take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.